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BeatRiverCountyMin. no
Max. no
Wading DepthFlow RateLength% WildBank
OutfitTake home
catch limit
Dry Fly
Ilsington River FromeDorset161BT S ST G43Yes1-4ftFast6 m100ModerateRestrictiveMedium0& nymphYesNoYes£ 135Dorchester South 3mApr 1Feb 28
Exton Manor FarmRiver MeonHampshire111BT42Yes1-2ftFast555 yds100All wadingn/aLight0& nymphYesNoNo£ 85Petersfield 12mApr 3Sep 30
Hill DeverillRiver WylyleWiltshire121BT G43Yes1-3ftstandard1300 yds100Moderate with wadingModerateLight0& nymphNoNoNo£ 95Warminster 4mApr 1Jun 30
Whitchurch Fulling MillRiver TestHampshire121BT G31Yes1-3ftFast998 yds65EasyEasyLight2until 1 AugustYesNoYes£ 247Whitchurch 1mMay 1Sep 30
Hemsworth HutsRiver AllenDorset221BT G43Yes1-3ftStandard850 yds100All wadingRestrictiveLight0& nymphYesYesYes£ 395Poole 12mApr 15Sep 30
Freestone Rivers with James WaineRiver Freestone RiversCounty Durham130BT G33Yesn/a0 yds100MediumMediumLight0NoNoYes£ 248 0mApr 1Sep 30
Cotton's Fishing TempleRiver DoveDerbyshire131BT G33Yes1-3ftStandard1.55 m100ModerateModerateLight0& nymphYesNoNo£ 75Buxton 12mApr 1Feb 28
Upavon FarmRiver AvonWiltshire121BT G33Yes1-3ftStandard519 yds100All wadingn/aLight/Medium0until 30 JuneNoYesYes£ 85Pewsey 4.60mApr 15Dec 31
Wimborne St GilesRiver AllenDorset135BT43Yes1-2ftFast1.65 m75ModerateRestrictiveLight0& nymphNoNoYes£ 65Salisbury 12mApr 16Sep 30
Deans CourtRiver AllenDorset121BT G22Yes1-3ftFast762 yds100Moderate with wadingModerateLight0& nymphYesYesNo£ 75Poole 7mApr 15Sep 30
River Wye with John BaileyRiver WyeHerefordshire143BT, G, B, C23Yes2-12ftMixed3.91 m100MediumMediumMedium0nymphNoNoYes£ 300Hereford 12mJun 16Nov 30
Donnington GroveRiver LambournBerkshire121BT G31Yes1-3ftFast1181 yds75All wadingn/aLight1& nymphYesYesYes£ 87Newbury 4mApr 1Feb 28
KanaraRiver ItchenHampshire121BT G ST S32Yes1-4ftFast850 yds50All wadingn/aMedium2& nymphYesNoNo£ 197Shawford 3mApr 3Nov 30
Shawford ParkRiver ItchenHampshire141BT G32Optional1-3ftStandard1500 yds35EasyEasyLight2until mid JuneYesYesNo£ 195Shawford 0.25mApr 16Oct 2
Fisherton de la MereRiver WylyeWiltshire131BT G22Optional1-3ftStandard1050 yds65ModerateModerateLight1& nymphYesYesYes£ 95Warminster 9mApr 28Nov 30
Abbots Worthy River ItchenHampshire131BT G31Optional2 - 4 ftStandard773 yds100Moderate with wadingEasyLight0& nymphYesNoNo£ 125Winchester 2.50mApr 3Nov 30
KimbridgeRiver TestHampshire151BT RT G13Optional2-6ftStandard563 yds30EasyEasyMedium0& nymphYesYesYes£ 115Romsey 4mApr 3Nov 30
Upper ClatfordRiver AntonHampshire121BT G21Optional1-3ftStandard375 yds65ModerateModerateLight1& nymphYesNoYes£ 85Andover 2mApr 15Dec 31
Wrackleford EstateRiver FromeDorset167BT G32Optional1-3ftStandard4.75 m75ModerateRestrictiveLight1& nymphYesNoNo£ 80Dorchester South 3mApr 1Jan 31
Explore Cumbria with Eric HopeRiver Cumbria131BT, G, B, C, P33Optionaln/an/a0 yds0MediumMediumMedium0Lure & NymphNoNoNo£ 250 0mApr 1Sep 30
Trinity TreesRiver River WylyeWiltshire111BT G33Optional2-3Standard250 yds100moderatemoderatelight/medium0nymphNoNoNo£ 95Warminster 3mApr 15Sep 30
Breach FarmRiver ItchenHampshire131BT G S ST21No3-6ftStandard1450 yds35ModerateModerateMedium2& nymphYesNoNo£ 155Eastleigh 2mApr 16Dec 31
Low Lake With Charlie CliveRiver Rye & LakeYorkshire131BT13Non/an/a0 yds0EasyEasyMedium0& nymphYesNoYes£ 195Malton 11mApr 1Oct 31
Timsbury 5River TestHampshire251BT G ST S22No3-6ftStandard950 yds35EasyEasyMedium/Heavy2& nymphYesNoNo£ 225Romsey 3mMay 1Sep 30
Mulberry WhinDriffield BeckYorkshire151BT G22No2-4ftStandard1555 yds50ModerateModerateLight2& nymphYesYesNo£ 95Nafferton 3mMar 24Sep 30
West Wycombe ParkRiver Wye & LakesBuckinghamshire161BT RT23No1-3ftSlow1200 yds25EasyEasyMedium0& nymphYesYesYes£ 225West Wycombe 2.50mApr 1Sep 30
Barton CourtRiver KennetBerkshire141BT RT G22No2-4ftStandard2.1 m25StandardEasyMedium2& nymphYesYesYes£ 130Kintbury 0.70mApr 15Sep 30
Coombe MillRiver AvonWiltshire131BT G23No1-3FTStandard1519 yds100ModerateModerateMedium0until 1 JulyYesYesYes£ 75Pewsey 8m 8mApr 15Dec 31
The ParsonageRiver TestHampshire161BT G ST S22No3-6ftStandard1.02 m35EasyEasyMedium/Heavy2& nymphYesYesYes£ 195Romsey 3mMay 1Nov 15
Middleton EstateRiver TestHampshire131BT G32No1-3ftStandard1.08 m50ModerateRestrictiveLight/Medium1until 22 June YesNoYes£ 295Andover 3mMay 1Sep 30
School FarmRiver DunHampshire131BT RT23No2-4ftStandard755 yds30EasyEasyMedium1& nymphYesYesYes£ 229Mottisfont & Dunbridge 1mApr 20Oct 6
DunbridgeRiver DunHampshire121BT G23No1-4ftStandard604 yds30EasyEasyMedium1& nymphYesNoYes£ 225Mottisfont & Dunbridge 0.30mApr 24Sep 30
Coln St AldwynsRiver ColnGloucestershire131BT G23No2-4ftStandard2.4 m25ModerateModerateLight/Medium2until 31 JulyYesNoNo£ 141Swindon 17mApr 1Nov 30
Benham EstateRiver KennetBerkshire141BT RT G32No2-4ftStandard3.5 m25EasyModerateMedium2& nymphYesYesNo£ 197Kintbury 2mMay 1Sep 30
AvingtonRiver Itchen Carrier & LakesHampshire121BT G23No1-3ftStandard782 yds50StandardModerateLight0& nymphYesYesYes£ 75Winchester 6mApr 3Feb 28
Avon SpringsRiver Avon & LakesWiltshire141BT RT G13No2-4ftStandard909 yds25EasyEasyLight/Medium2until 1 JuneYesYesNo£ 89Salisbury 9mApr 14Feb 28
Qing Ya XiRiver ItchenHampshire131BT G S22No1-3ftFast900 yds35EasyEasyLight2until 5 JuneYesYesYes£ 216Eastleigh 3mApr 16Sep 30
Compton ChamberlayneRiver NadderWiltshire167BT RT23No1-3ftStandard2.7 m30EasyModerateMedium2until 1 JulyYesNoYes£ 185Tisbury 7mApr 22Oct 7
Bullington ManorRiver DeverHampshire164BT G32No1-3ftFast2.1 m75EasyModerateLight2& nymphYesYesYes£ 225Andover 5mApr 21Jan 31

Difficulty rating is based on casting precision required,stealth, spookiness of fish and bank vegetation.

Tranquillity rating
1 score for major road noise or footpaths.
2 indicates there is infrequent intrusion like a train line or shared bank.
3 is total bliss.

Species: Game fish present in the river but with no account taken of numbers or catchability.
BT=Brown trout
RT=Rainbow trout
ST=Sea trout S=Salmon

Yes: indicates wading required.
Optional: wading not required but you may wade parts if you wish.
No: wading not permitted

Depth is average depth excluding shallows and deep pools

Flow compares chalkstreams only

Length is the linear length of the fishery i.e from start to finish along one bank. No account is taken of single/double bank rights or fishing capability

Percent Wild: Estimate based on personal observation and stocking history

Bank terrain: Based on 75% of beat length

Bank vegetation: Based on 75% of beat length

Light #2-3 outfit
Medium #4-5 outfit
Heavy #6-7 outfit

Fishing Cabin: The facilities vary widely. Check the star rating.