All our fisheries* are currently covered by the postponement/rollover policy that allows you to choose as follows:

come fishing from 8/May onwards on the original date if government policy allows it. The fishing huts will be out of bounds and observe all the usual social distancing rules.
postpone until a date later in the season TBA. If the value of the new date is less than the original date a credit will rolled forward to be used later in 2020 or the 2021 season. Likewise, if the new date is more expensive the difference will be paid.
rollover the date to the 2021 season

We require at least 7 days' notice prior to the date of your fishing if you wish to postpone or rollover. This policy is agreed strictly on a fishery-by-fishery basis.

*Mottisfont Abbey (Test) and School Farm (Dun) have separate arrangements.

Covid-19 money back pledge
Any new* booking has a 100% money back guarantee if you have to subsequently cancel due to a Covid-19 related reason.

*since 16/March /2020

If you have any questions on your booking
please email me.

Exclusive to Fishing Breaks

Exclusive to Fishing Breaks

The Exclusive to Fishing Breaks label indicates fishing that is only available through Fishing Breaks; you will not find it with any other agent or on any other web site.

I am delighted that we have such a wide selection of beats that fall into this group - at the last count it was over twenty. Some of these rivers have been with me since the day I opened for business over two decades ago and I am proud to have such long-standing relationships.

For you as the angler this is an assurance of quality. I talk almost daily to the respective river owners, estate managers or the river keepers. We know everyone involved with the river and everyone who fishes on it, which, when you are looking after something as precious as a chalkstream, is the only way to keep them perfect.









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