These are the fisheries currently covered by the postponement/rollover policy that allows you to choose as follows:

come fishing from 1/May onwards on the original date if government policy allows it. The fishing huts will be out of bounds and observe all the usual social distancing rules.
postpone until a date later in the season TBA. If the value of the new date is less than the original date a credit will rolled forward to be used later in 2020 or the 2021 season. Likewise if the new date is more expensive the difference will be paid.
rollover the date to the 2021 season

Barton Court (Kennet), Craven Fishery (Kennet) and Donnington Grove (Lambourn)

Andy Buckley (Middle Dove) and Cottons Fishing House (Dove)

Deans Court (Allen), Holmewood (Frome), Ilsington (Frome), Wimborne St Giles (Allen) and Wrackleford (Frome)

Abbotts Worthy (Itchen), Avington (Itchen), Bullington Manor (Itchen), Dunbridge (Dun), Middleton Estate (Test), The Parsonage (Test), Timsbury (Test), Upper Clatford (Anton), Wherwell Priory (Test), Whitchurch Fulling Mill (Test), Kanara (Itchen), Qing Ya Xi (Itchen), Shawford Park (Itchen), Exton Manor Farm (Meon) and Nether Wallop Mill.

Avon Springs (Avon), Coombe Mill (Avon), Compton Chamberlayne (Nadder), Fisherton de la Mere (Wylye), Steeple Langford (Wylye) and Upavon Farm (Avon)

If your fishing is not listed here please email me for the latest update.

Chalkstream Fly Fishing in Wiltshire

Fishing Breaks offer the widest selection of the very best chalk stream brown trout dry fly and nymph fishing in the county of Wiltshire.

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Wiltshire has an amazing chalkstream heritage. It was the home of Frank Sawyer, inventor of the Pheasant Tail Nymph and has the most extraordinary variety of streams – the Nadder and Wylye are the best-kept secrets in dry fly circles.

These two rivers, plus the River Avon, offer a range of choice at great value for anyone who likes to fish alone or with a few friends. The season opens on all the rivers in mid April with the mayfly hatch starting in mid-to-late May, with these remarkable insects sporadically appearing all summer long.

This is a county that welcomes visitors with its world famous landmarks: Salisbury Cathedral on the water meadows of the River Avon and Stonehenge.

Our rivers


River Avon Avon Springs

Great value and a warm welcome


River Avon Coombe Mill

Franks Sawyer’s famous River Avon


River Avon Upavon Farm

All wild fish and wading beat


River Nadder Compton Chamberlayne

The quiet of Wiltshire's sheep-grazed valleys


River Wyle Fisherton de la Mere

Lovely beat on the River Wylye between Salisbury and Warminster


River Wyle Steeple Langford

All wading and all wild trout beat


Your fishing guide - Mark Bedford-Russell

 Mark spent his working life in the Lloyds insurance market before making a career changing decision to move to a tiny village at the vertex of the Hampshire/Dorset/Wiltshire borders where he divides his time between guiding, loading in the shooting season and helping out on the river.

Born in Germany, Mark learnt his fishing with his father on the River Itchen, so working with Fishing Breaks is the perfect excuse to return to many of his old haunts where you will find he is a dab hand with both dry fly and nymph. As a father Mark particularly enjoys the teaching days at Nether Wallop Mill.

You may read more about Mark Bedford-Russell on the Fishing Guides page. If you wish to pick Mark’s brain, email him direct at All diary and booking enquiries should be made direct to Fishing Breaks. 

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Places of interest



Frank Sawyer

Inventor of the Pheasant Tail Nymph

Salisbury Cathedral

Magna Carta & River Avon

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Fishing advice and flies

The Wiltshire trout season runs from April to October, with grayling all winter on the Avon. The hawthorn hatch happens around the end of April, with the mayfly running from mid-May into June and then sporadically right through July, which is unique to the Avon. For more fishing advice and to buy flies click here.

Top Wiltshire Flies:

Dark Olive (14-16)


Deer Hair Mayfly (8-10)


Black Gnat (16-20)

Elk Hair Caddis (14)


Black Sedge (14) and
GRHE (16-18)


Cul de Canard (16-18)

Recommended outfit: 7.5-8.5ft rod, with 3-5wt floating line. Tippet to 2lb/6x.

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