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    I hope it is not too much trouble to ask, but if you have 2-3 minutes to complete this on-line survey it would be a great help.

    If you would rather email your comments to please do so.

    Many thanks.

    Simon Cooper

    Booking process and confirmation details

    Was the booking process easy, helpful and efficient?

    Please specify any problems you experienced or suggestions you may have:

    Your booking confirmation contained information, maps and directions. Were these:

    Please specify any shortcomings or suggestions:

    The Fishing


    Did your first impressions of the fishing match your expectations?

    Regardless of how many fish you caught, did you feel that the beat contained enough fish to offer a fair day’s sport?

    If you shared the beat with other Rods did you encounter any difficulties with sharing?

    Overall, what did you like MOST about the fishing?

    Overall, what did you like LEAST about the fishing?

    Would you recommend the fishing to a friend?

    If you would like us to send a brochure to someone, please give the details:




    Email (optional)

    Any other comments? (Stocking, length of beat, condition of fish, bank maintenance, general ambience, facilities, comparisons with other fisheries etc.)

    Fishing Guide | To skip this section click here

    Please answer the following if you used or shared a Guide

    On time?

    Helpful and polite at all times?

    Smartly dressed?

    Was fully equipped with all the tackle and flies you required?

    Was knowledgeable and informed about the fishing?

    Provided the standard of service you expected?

    Would you use the same Guide again or recommend him?

    Any other comments?

    Fishing School | To skip this section click here

    Please answer if you attended a course or private tuition

    Was your instructor helpful and attentive at all times?

    Were you provided with all the equipment you needed?

    Was the Course run in a way that worked for you?

    Were the facilities what you expected?

    Would you recommend the tuition?

    Will you continue fly fishing?

    If Yes, what type further tuition would assist you?

    Any other comments on the style and content of the tuition?

    Places to stay & eat | To skip this section click here

    Did you stay or eat anywhere that you would recommend to fellow anglers?

    Your future fishing requirements | To skip this section click here

    Will you fish somewhere similar again?

    If NO, what type of fishing would you prefer?

    Are there any other types of fishing or locations you would like Fishing Breaks to offer?

    Is there a river or fishery you would recommend to Fishing Breaks?

    Rating | To skip this section click here

    Overall, on a scale of one to five, how would you rate the day?

    Save The Date? | To skip this section click here

    If you would like to fish the same time, same place next year choose yes for Save the Date and I will contact you in advance of next season.

    Your details

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    Date fished: *

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    Would you like us to follow up with you on any comments you have made or in respect of your booking? *

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