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Season Rods

Season tickets, or syndicate rods as they are sometimes known, are a popular option for taking fishing across the year that represents a considerable saving on day rod rates. But the saving aside this is a great way to get to know a fishery well, enjoying the company of fellow anglers and the river keeper.

The exact format varies from fishery to fishery, but in broad terms you will pick an allocation of fishing days that are evenly spread across the season, generally April to October. There is often the flexibility to change dates at short notice, the option to bring a guest or buy additional days at a discount.


The 4 x 4

Four days spread across the season on four different chalkstreams for an early season opener, a prime Mayfly date, the glorious summer evening rise and a caddis hatch to wrap it all up.

    River Itchen
    Qing Ya Xi Lodge
    River Test
    The Parsonage
    River Kennet
    Benham Estate
    River Dun


All wading 4x4

If you like the idea of the 4x4 but prefer to wade these are the places to get your boots wet.

    River Meon
    Exton Manor Farm
    River Lambourn
    Donnington Grove
    River Avon
    Upavon Farm
    River Test
    Whitchurch Fulling Mill

        £450/person for one    £415/person for two


The Wild Bunch

These are my all wild beats. Take the three dates whenever you wish during the season, all together or spread out.

    River Meon
    Exton Manor Farm
    River Frome
    River Avon
    Upavon Farm


*Add £45 to take the Ilsington day in Mayfly May 16-June 15.

Multiple rods:
Guest tickets:

You may book all your dates at the outset or as the season progresses.
You may change any date once if you give us 14 days notice.
In most cases it is possible to book for two or more Rods.
These are usually possible at the standard day rod dates.
You may send someone in your place
This is due when the first date is booked

To book call 01264 781988 or email


River Kennet Barton Court

Barton Court has just changed hands so I am currently awaiting news of the season rod prices and format. Call or email for more details.


River Coln Coln St Aldwyn

Full Rod
Unlimited fishing April 1 – March 14 with 5 guest days. £1700.



River Nadder Compton Chamberlayne

Full Rod
Fishing for two Rods every fourth day of the season, April 20 - October 8. There are vacancies for 2018. £4,536.



River Dun Dunbridge

Full Rod & Half Rod
Fishing one day every week or fortnight (April 24 – October 15) for one Rod. Additional benefits include flexibility on day of the week (including weekends) plus guest tickets. Weekly: £2,995. Fortnightly: £1795.


River Dun School Farm

Full & Half Rod
Fishing one named day every week or fortnight of the season (April 24 – October 15) for two Rods. One day each week for two Rods £6,262. One day each fortnight for two Rods £3,131. 


River Itchen Kanara

Full & Half Rod
Fishing one named day every week or fortnight of the season (April 16 – September 30) for one or two Rods. One day a week £1,950/Rod. One day a fortnight £1,375/Rod.


River Test The Parsonage

Full rod
Two days a month May-September, plus one day in October. Additional benefits include two guest tickets (one in Mayfly period) and unlimited changes to dates within a 14 day notice period. £1,675.

Half rod
Two days in May and one in June-September. Additional benefits include unlimited changes to dates within a 14 day notice period. £985.


River Test Wherwell Priory

Full Rod
A day a week throughout the season. SOLD OUT

Mini Rod
Five days in the second part of the season; two in August, two in September and one in October on a selected days. For more details contact  Clare Hogg or us £960


River Test Whitchurch Fulling Mill

Season Rod
Two days a month May – September. Additional benefits include two guest tickets, plus a 50% discount on additional guest tickets. Unlimited changes to dates within a 14 day notice period. This is a wading beat. £1,545.

If you would like any more information or would like to view any of the beats prior to making a commitment, please contact Simon Cooper. All prices include VAT.

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