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Chalk stream Fishing

River Frome

The River Frome is 30 miles long and considered to be the major chalkstream of southwest England. It rises from the Wessex Downs at Evershot, is joined by the Sydling Brook just upstream of Wrackleford, then River Cerne just below before heading through Dorchester, West Stafford, Ilsington and Bovington until it joins the sea at Wareham.

There was a time when the Frome was mostly fished for salmon – as recently as 1988 4,000 salmon a year were being caught – but in recent times the run has declined to a few hundred. The decline of the migratory fish has been matched by a rise in the brown trout fishing, with the Frome and its tributaries gaining a reputation for a thriving wild trout population.

The season opens with a grannom hatch, followed by hawthorn, mayfly and blue-winged olives as the season progresses, with sedges rounding off the year.



For the first time in living memory Ilsington is available having been a private syndicate for as long as anyone can recall.

With close to 5 miles to discover this is a true wild trout paradise. Trout over 3lbs are regularly caught and parties will often catch thirty fish or more fish between them. With the main river, carriers and the truly delightful North Stream the sheer scope and variety of the fishing is amazing.

From mid-summer salmon and sea trout are caught and Ilsington currently holds the British record for the largest grayling of 4lb 3oz.

Watch the 1:29 minute Directors Cut of CHALK filmed at Ilsington

Difficulty Tranquilty Wading Advised Check
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No Dogs

Cabin rating
5 stars

Rail Station3m

on site


“Unspoilt wild fishing.”   “Perfect wild brown trout in tough and immensely varied water. Halcyon!”   “The guide, Tony, King, made all the difference.”

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April 1 - May 15

£145 per Rod

May 16 - June 15

£195 per Rod

June 16 - October 16

£135 per Rod

October 17 - February 28 (grayling)

£75 per Rod

Fishing Lodge Call/email for dates

April 1 Ė October 16
(except May 16-June 15)

Weekend package: £495 two nights/one day fishing for one. Extra fishing on request.

Nightly rate: £225/night for the lodge. Fishing at day rod rates.

Fish Camp Call/email for dates

July 1 – August 31

£450 two days/1 night for four





For sheer variety the fishing at Wrackleford is hard to better with eight beats that have bank or wading options, plus a good blend of wild fish supplemented by a healthy balance of stocking.

In recent years the Estate has greatly improved the fishing, with easier access, banks that are groomed without being manicured and huts for the fishermen. Seven of the beats are on the main River Frome, but the eighth is on the tributary the Sydling Brook, ideal for anyone who likes stealth and accurate casting.

Each beat is suitable for one or two rods.

Difficulty Tranquilty Wading Optional Check
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No Dogs

No Cabin

Rail Station3m

on site


“The Frome through Wrackleford is a gem.”   “Great fun, lots of mayfly madness and†a super spot.” “Wrackleford is a lovely place to fish.”

Aternatives to consider Ratings explained

April 1-30

£75 per Rod

May 1-15

£120 per Rod

May 16- June 19

£150 per Rod

June 20- October 15

£95 per Rod


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