These are the fisheries currently covered by the postponement/rollover policy that allows you to choose as follows:

come fishing from 1/May onwards on the original date if government policy allows it. The fishing huts will be out of bounds and observe all the usual social distancing rules.
postpone until a date later in the season TBA. If the value of the new date is less than the original date a credit will rolled forward to be used later in 2020 or the 2021 season. Likewise if the new date is more expensive the difference will be paid.
rollover the date to the 2021 season

Barton Court (Kennet), Craven Fishery (Kennet) and Donnington Grove (Lambourn)

Andy Buckley (Middle Dove) and Cottons Fishing House (Dove)

Deans Court (Allen), Holmewood (Frome), Ilsington (Frome), Wimborne St Giles (Allen) and Wrackleford (Frome)

Abbotts Worthy (Itchen), Avington (Itchen), Bullington Manor (Itchen), Dunbridge (Dun), Middleton Estate (Test), The Parsonage (Test), Timsbury (Test), Upper Clatford (Anton), Wherwell Priory (Test), Whitchurch Fulling Mill (Test), Kanara (Itchen), Qing Ya Xi (Itchen), Shawford Park (Itchen), Exton Manor Farm (Meon) and Nether Wallop Mill.

Avon Springs (Avon), Coombe Mill (Avon), Compton Chamberlayne (Nadder), Fisherton de la Mere (Wylye), Steeple Langford (Wylye) and Upavon Farm (Avon)

If your fishing is not listed here please email me for the latest update.

Limestone rivers of Derbyshire


The River Dove is the principal river of the Peak District 40 miles in length. It rises on Axe Edge Moor near Buxton and flows generally south to its confluence with the River Trent at Newton Solney. From there, its waters reach the North Sea via the Humber Estuary. For most of its way it forms the boundary between the counties of Staffordshire and Derbyshire The river meanders past Longnor and Hartington and cuts through a set of stunning limestone gorges, Beresford Dale, Wolfscote Dale, Milldale and Dovedale.




Trout fishing on this exceptional limestone river dates back to the 1600’s when Izaak Walton wrote The Compleat Angler with his friend Charles Cotton who built the Fishing Temple in 1671 that stands today and is our fishing cabin on this historic beat.

Set against the backdrop of Beresford Dale the river is dry fly fishing of the highest quality. The beat covers a huge variety of water with fast sections, long glides, tumbling weirs and deep pools. The trout and grayling are free rising to abundant hatches of Mayfly, Blue Winged Olives and a variety of sedges.

The river keeper, Stephen Moores, has been working on many improvements in the past three years and the fishery is flourishing under his care. Most days he will be on hand to greet you and show you the beat.

The beat may be fished from the bank or with some wading if preferred. It is suitable for one or two rods, or a party of three.

Difficulty Tranquilty Wading Optional Check
Map Video




No Dogs

Cabin rating
1 star

Rail Station12m

Acommodation 1.8m

Pub 1.8m

“The river was truly spectacular in parts.”   “We had a great days fishing.”    “Cottons famous Hut is wonderful, a joy in itself! Oh yes......the fishing was superb”

Aternatives to consider Ratings explained

April 1 – May 31

£65 per Rod

June 1 – June 15

£100 per Rod

June 16 – October 7

£65 per Rod

October 8 – February 29 (grayling)

£30 per Rod


Fishing Guide (optional)

£200 per day



MIDDLE DOVE with Andy Buckley


Nestled in the foothills of the Peak District National Park, this stunning stretch of the River Dove is between Stoke on Trent and Derby, near the old Roman settlement of Rocester.

Predominantly a gravel bedded stretch, the Dove here is prime habitat for both large wild trout and specimen grayling, and boasts incredible varieties of insects: early season March Browns and Iron blues, late season sedges and spinner falls, and an immense Mayfly hatch that must be seen to be believed.

With easy wading and generally shallow depths, the river here is ideal for anglers of all abilities. Andy Buckley has guided all over the world, but he has returned to his roots where he caught his first wild brown trout 25 years ago.

This beat requires waders so bring your own. Otherwise Andy will provide all tackle required, including flies he has tied specifically for the Dove. He is also a dab hand with the Kelly Kettle and prepares a hot lunch on the bank.

GRUB & GRAYLING SPECIAL: Enjoy the delights of autumn grayling with a true master of the art with 5 hours fishing and a hot lunch on the river.

Difficulty Tranquilty Wading Optional Check
Map Video




No dogs

Cabin rating

Rail Station5m

Acommodation 2m


“Andy Buckley was superb.” “The river offers varying sections with plenty of fish.” “Andy was nothing short of brilliant.”

Aternatives to consider Ratings explained

Trout : March 18 – October 7

£200 for one Rod with Guide. £300 for two.

Grayling : October 8 – February 29

£175 for two with Guide

Price includes fishing, Fishing Guide for eight hours (five hours grayling), tackle, flies, lunch and local transfer from train station if required. Bring your own waders.

For further details, please complete our enquiry form or e-mail










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