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River Meon

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Chalk stream Fishing

River Meon

The Meon, is the most easterly of the Hampshire chalk streams, rising at East Meon and reaching the sea in the Solent 15 miles to the south.

In many respects it is a smaller version of the Itchen, just as clear but perhaps a little faster flowing. It is very varied river, which reflects the patchwork nature of the farmland. Within a typical half mile section there will be gravel shallows, deep pools, open meadows and woodland.

The lower sections used to be famed for sea trout; less so today but they regularly run to Wickham Mill and above. The prime trout fishing is from Wickham to West Meon, with a highly distinctive and abundant wild fish population.



The River Meon is one of the most untouched of all the southern chalkstreams, weaving its way through the lovely Meon valley. Exton Manor Farm is very much a family affair having been fished by three generations, with great grandson Sam Martin now the custodian and river keeper.

This is an all wild trout, all catch and release beat that rewards delicate presentation and careful fly selection. It is best fished with speculative casting in the riffles alongside the weed beds or waiting for a fish to peck the surface. Dry fly accounts for 95% of the fish caught or risen.

Wading is essential, but hip/thigh waders are sufficient.

Difficulty Tranquilty Wading Required Check
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1 star

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“Wild trout, wild foliage, tricky casting all added to the satisfaction. ”   “Had a great day on the Meon - very pretty water. ” “I had a lovely time on the Meon - five small browns up to a pound. ”

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